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About Sleepy Ridge Ranch BBQ Sauce

After leaving the big city of Dallas, my husband and I found a beautiful piece of property just outside Mason, TX.  We named it Sleepy Ridge Ranch after my grandparents ranch where my sister and I spent so much of our childhood. Being the oldest grandchild, and my sister only 15 months behind, we were there at a time when my grandparents were still working the ranch full time. We got to be a part of their daily routine.  We learned a lot, saw a lot, sang a lot, read the Bible a lot, learned to work hard, and ate well!  I was very blessed to have such wonderful memories with my grandparents.  

I've been making Grandpa's BBQ sauce ever since he typed up the recipe for me years ago.  It's alway been a family favorite.  I hope you love it as much as we all do. And I hope you like my 2 variations off of his recipe. 

So eat all you want. I'll make more! 

But don't forget to work like you eat!


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